Good eeevening.

Had a chance to view the new movie Hitchcock in the Mess Tent the other day. I have been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s for a while with my favorite movies of his being Rear Window, The Birds and Psycho. This movie is a look into the life of the director and his wife Alma just before and during the shooting of Psycho. I have no idea how true to life the movie is but I know enough about Hitchcock to know most of it actually happened.

Hitch was an odd fellow and is played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins doesn’t look exactly like Hitch but makes an effort to appear as close physically as possible which assists the illusion. Beware if you are looking for a movie all about making Psycho. Psycho is dealt with but the thrust of the story is the sometimes tenuous but loving relationship between Alfred and Alma. I think Alfred’s fascination with the Grace Kelly blonde is widely known by now and this is one of the director’s faults that impede his marriage. If you enjoy watching biopics and find Hitchcock’s movies fascinating then by all means watch this movie. You will not be disappointed. Just watch the first step, you’re liable to loose your head.

Knife to see you.
Knife to see you.

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